COVID Isolation and the West Greenland Kayak

Yep, it’s COVID isolation time. After taking a few hikes in the Whites earlier this spring I realized that this year’s outdoor recreating days were numbered. The trails were waaaaay too busy for my comfort, and so as soon as it turned warm I hung up my pack. And after a few river trips in Maine I tucked the canoes away except for local, lunch time paddling trips. All of which means I have time for more boats.

First, I’m getting caught up on rehabilitating the Snipe I bought a few years ago, which needed lots of fiberglass work, and still needs gelcoat, and a good cut and polish, plus some varnish, shrouds, and all new lines. I’m sure I’ll post pictures of that project soon enough. But in the mean time, this seems as good a time as any to finish up a West Greenland boat, the frame for which has been sitting around since I built my first canoe a few years ago.

I built the frame from scraps left over from that first canoe build. I wasn’t sure what to do with it until my father-in-law expressed interest. So last fall I took it down to Lancaster, PA to fit him into it, and then brought it back to finish up. Over the last couple of weeks, I got the deck finished and oiled, and now this week I’ve got it skinned and dyed. I’ll do the gooping later this week, and see about taking her out for a paddle before delivering her to the F.I.L.